Quick Overview Of A Rubber Pyrolysis Plant Indonesia

Rubber pyrolysis is the process in which waste rubber is converted into useful products, mainly fuel oil. You will find processing plants all over the world. For example, a rubber pyrolysis plant Indonesia is a one of many recycling facilitates in Southeast Asia. The reality is that there is a lot of rubber waste generated around the globe each year, and it can have a damaging impact on the environment if it is not disposed of responsibly. Rrbber recycling machine is from the need to ensure waste rubber items are responsibly recycled.

Rubber Recycling Machinery

Beston Rubber Pyrolysis Plant for Sale with High Quality

The processes inside a rubber pyrolysis machine Indonesia, for example, follow certain steps to ensure the end products produced are useful. To begin with, waste rubber is fed into a pyrolysis reactor and heated. Once the material inside the reactor reaches optimum temperature, it transformed into oil gas. The oil gas is then directed onto a condenser which liquefies it into fuel oil. The fuel oil is then fed into storage tanks. Combustible gas is also produced during the process, and the gas is fed back through the system to fuel the reactor heating system. This website www.bestonGroup.id/ has detailed description about the process.

Pyrolysis oil can be easily converting into gasoline or diesel via refinement processes. Gasoline and diesel tend to generate more profits for rubber recycling plants than raw pyrolysis oil. However, the fuel oil in unrefined form can still be used to power machinery in all many different industries.

Rubber Recycling Machine

Beston Rubber Recycling Machines Have Different Capacity

There have been many advances in the pyrolysis recycling industry in recent years. The types of rubber products that can be recycled include shoe soles, rubber cables, tyres and more. When waste tryes are sent to a pyrolysis plant, steel wire and carbon black are produced in addition to fuel oil and combustible gases. For informational purposes, you might like to know that the oil yield of shoe soles is around 35%.

Environmental protection is very important for any rubber pyrolysis equipment. The best plants utilize a vacuum and hydro-seal system, which ensures no toxic exhaust gases are released into the atmosphere. With the right equipment, the entire rubber pyrolysis process is pollution free.

When it comes to finding rubber pyrolysis plants for sale online, you need to make sure you conduct lots of research. You want to be sure you only buy equipment from reputable manufacturers sourced through a top-rated vendor. Starting a waste rubber recycling businesses can be a very profitable venture, but if you blow your budget on poor quality machines that require constant repairs, you will soon find that any profits generated have to be used to pay for machinery repairs.

Look for waste tyre pyrolysis plant for sale that has long lifespan specifications and top-quality reactors. The average life span of a good plant is 8 years. You also should ensure that you buy a plant that can cope with the processing needs of your operations. Some of the top of the range plants can process over 20 tons of waste rubber per day. Meanwhile, smaller batch plants typically have a daily capacity of 6 tons.

How a Rubber Pyrolysis Plant Can Solve Waste Management and Provide Income in Your Area

If you look at the world around you, you will notice that just about everything in our modern society requires rubber components to function properly. There is rubber insulation on wires, rubber soles of shoes and most of all rubber tires on all types of transportations options from trucks to motorcycles.

It may seem that out over-dependence on rubber has caused an ecological crisis, but there is a way to help the situation out by putting all that wasted rubber to good use. If you are interested in turning old tires and wasted rubber into something more valuable, the following articles contains some helpful information.

Rubber Pyrolysis Plant

Rubber Pyrolysis Plant

The Advantages of a Rubber Pyrolysis Plant

There are over 300 Million tires currently being discarded each year and despite many new laws against disposing of tires improperly, many will end in the landfill. Even worse, many tires are currently in waterways, vacant lots and otherwise improperly stored and adding to the mosquito population.

Furthermore, improperly disposed tires and other rubbers have other hazard for nature. These materials are often created with other additional components that will begin leaching into the soil if not properly taken care of.

So what can be done about the incredible buildup of rubber products coming from cities and industrial zones? As it turns out, there is a way of processing tires and rubber products to create valuable materials that can have abundant usefulness in our societies today.

Pyrolysis comes from two Latin words that together mean “change by fire”. Pyrolysis (pirolisis proceso) allows things like old plastics, rubbers and other waste to be converted into more useful compounds through decomposition by fire in a tightly controlled environment.

Rubber waste products like old tires, waste wiring and other items can be stripped of valuable metals and chopped into smaller chips to be fed into the pyrolysis chamber. Items like tires and wiring have 40% to 60% materials that aren’t rubber like copper, steel and other salvageable metals. These can be removed and recycled before the tires are chopped to be fed to the machine.

One all other materials have been removed, only the rubber remains. These rubber waste materials have a high calorific content on par with natural crude petroleum and can serve as a valuable source of fuel and other materials.

The Rubber Pyrolysis Plant Process

Prepared rubber materials can be fed into the Beston Pyrolysis plant where they will be brought to high temperatures while the oxygen inside is removed. This allows for chemical processes to occur that alter the chemical components inside and create something more practical. In the high heats, rubber polymers are evaporated and removed from the reactor and condensed into the form of an oily liquid called bio oil. The evaporated polymers that are not condensed are also useful as a fuel option.

pirolisis proceso

Pirolisis proceso

In Conclusion

The problem of rubber waste can be handled with something as simple as a rubber pyrolysis plant: https://www.bestongroup.es/la-instalacioln-de-la-pirolisis-de-caucho/. While it is a chemical process and takes some insight to work, it is really not rocket science and can be accomplished by anyone with a little introduction.

Help The Environment With The Waste Tyre Recycling Plant

Old tires can build up fast and they cause a lot of issues for the environment. Tires take a long time to decompose in the landfills and they can cause a lot of issues for people. If you are dealing with waste tires you can remove them from the landfills and turn them into valuable oil with a waste tyre recycling plant. This plant will make you money fast and you can get a great return on your investment with it. Read on to learn more about the plant and how it can help you make money.

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant

A good recycling plant can help you save money and the plant can take any type of waste tires and turn them into something useful. You can get a lot done when you have a recycling plant and it is going to be just what you need when you want to get a lot done. The plant is a great investment and you can make a lot of money when you have one. Click here to know more: https://beston.ph/.

The plants come in a variety of sizes and it will be important to find the size that works best for your needs. You can choose from many different plants and there are always going to be a variety of plants that are going to fit your needs and ensure that you get just what you need. It is very important that you do a lot of research when you are looking for the plant you want because you won’t get good results if you don’t take the time to research.

Spending time on research helps you find just what you need and it is a lot easier taking care of things when you do research. Finding a good recycling plant can be hard so you need to take your time and look for the plant that is going to work best for your needs. You always want to take as much time as you can so you end up with the right product.

Looking for a plan can be a lot of work and you need to go slow and avoid rushing so you end up with the best products. It can take some time looking for the right products and you need to ensure that you find what you are looking for. Finding the best products can definitely be challenging and you need to make sure that you are getting the pyrolysis equipment for your needs. This can take some time and you need to make sure that you are getting something that is going to work best for you.

Waste Tire Recycling Process

Waste Tire Recycling Process

The waste tyre recycling plant can help you get a lot of things done and it is going to be easy finding what you need when you actually know what you want. You should always buy plants that help the environment and the recycling plant is just what you need when you are looking for something good. The plant is going to be very helpful when you want to make more money and help the environment.

Advice for Getting A Tyre Recycling Plant Business Plan

A tyre recycling plant refers to a system that extracts fuel oil and other useful products from tyres through the pyrolysis process. Beston tyre recycling machinery is one advanced system that incorporates technologically advanced tools that convert tyre wastes into valuable end products. The machine is environmentally friendly and does not contaminate the environment making it a suitable choice for the waste tire recycling plant. On top of that, the device is popular in the recycling industry because of its outstanding recycling efficiency.

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant to South Africa

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant to South Africa

Benefits of Beston Tyre Recycling Plant

1. High Operation Efficiency: Beston plant produces high-quality oil owing to its excellent design. The machine has been engineered to reduce wastages as much as possible to improve the quality of the final products.

2. Explosion-Proof System: The tyre recycling system has advanced sensor units and powerful modules that minimize the chances of fire outbreaks during machine operation. The system has emergency pressure valves that control the pressure of the pyrolysis reactor maintaining it within a safe operational margin.

3. Full-Automation: Beston tyre pyrolysis machine has been fully-automated, and this eliminates the errors that result from human mistakes. The plant has auto-feeding systems, auto-discharging systems, and auto-shredding systems which help in improving the qualities of the end products.

4. Efficient Dusting Systems: The plant has a four-stage dusting system that is very effective in dusting. The stages are the water spray stage, the water washing stage, the activated carbon adsorption, and the magnetic ring adsorption stage. The exhaust gases pass through all these stages before being released into the atmosphere making them safer for the environment.

Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine to Uganda

Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine to Uganda

Tyre Recycling Plant Business Plan

A business plan is a document that specifies the objectives and aims of a business and ways of achieving them. The business plan for the tyre recycling machinery should consist of the following items:

1. Cost of Tyre Recycling Plant: The first item to consider in the business plan is the pyrolysis plant price. The cost is essential in assessing the viability of the recycling project. An affordable system means that a company will take less time to recover the capital spent to buy the machinery. On the other hand, an expensive recycling system might not be economically viable because it will be beyond the financial reach of the company. Selecting a plant that fits your budget is paramount. You can follow Beston’s Facebook for more information.

2. Objectives and Goal: A company should have well-written and realistic aims that will be used to assess progress and development. Objectives are vital because they help a company channel and direct its finances and activities towards a specific target.

3. Management System: Another crucial aspect to include in the business plan is the management and administrative system. The system ensures that budgets are written on time, qualified workers are added to the workforce, and the activities of the plant are run smoothly.

5. Market Analysis: Having a detailed analysis of the target market, the market patterns, the potential competitors, sales forecasts, pricing strategies, and payment options is vital for the success of the tyre recycling machinery. There are many other items to include in the business plan, but these are the main ones that should be given priority by a company that is planning to commission a tyre recycling plant.

Key Factors Affecting Price of the Tyre Recycling Machinery

1. Size of the Tyre Recycling Plant- Large plants have higher output capacities making them cost more than small recycling plants. The pyrolysis plant price is the most important part of the cost of a tyre recycling plant.

2. Types of Raw Materials- Plants that can utilize a wide range of raw materials cost more than those that can only convert a few raw materials into useful products.

3. Fuel Expenses– Recycling plants that are fuel-efficient cost more than those that are not fuel-efficient.

4. Maintenance Cost– Complex and highly-automated recycling plants require high maintenance cost that manually-operated machines.

5. Amount of Labor Force Required- Machines that require less human labor cost more than those that require more human labor.

In summary, the Beston Group supplies its clients with the appropriate business plans so that they can get the best recycling plant based on their budget, working conditions, and the available raw materials.

Top Features Of Waste Tyre To Fuel Oil Conversion Machines For Sale In South Africa

When you are able to convert waste tyre into burnable fuel, you are creating an industry for yourself. If you have access to massive quantities of water bottles, and other tyre items, you can make an endless supply of biofuel that people will purchase. There are machines that will allow you to convert a large quantity of tyre on a daily basis. If you are in South Africa, and you would like to find a local company that can sell one to you, there are many pyrolysis machine manufacturers that make them. Here are some of the top features of these machines and why you should consider getting into this industry.

Waste Tyre To Fuel Oil Conversion Machine

Waste Tyre To Fuel Oil Conversion Machine

How Do These Machines Convert Tyre Into Fuel And Oil?

These are machines that can convert tyre into fuel through the pyrolysis process. The tyre is cut up into smaller pieces, placed into a reactor, and it will be heated to a very high temperature. It will not combust because there will be no oxygen in the container as it is heating, causing the tyre to break down. Once this occurs, the byproducts will be oil, fuel, and charcoal. This is a business model that is becoming more popular because of advancements that have been made in this industry. There are many companies worldwide that make them, some of which are in South Africa.

tyre pyrolysis plants

Tyre pyrolysis plants

Where To Find South African Companies That Make Tyre Pyrolysis Plants

By searching for companies that make pyrolysis machines, you can start to compare prices. Each company will make different types, some of which will be small, whereas others will have entire pyrolysis plants. Some of these will be connected to some type of sorting system. You might be responsible for the municipal solid waste in your area. By separating all of the tyre so that it can be processed by these machines, you will have a continual supply of charcoal, fuel, and oil that you can use or sell.

Will You Find A Good Deal The South African Companies?

It is well-known that pyrolysis plants and machines are very inexpensive in countries like China. However, the companies that manufacture them in South Africa are not that far behind. In fact, they will have comparable pricing, and the machines that they are producing are likely just as efficient. Once you have set one up, and you begin to make these products, you will wonder why you had not done it before.

It will be very easy to market these products once you start making them regularly. The fuel can be used in diesel generators and engines, and the oil can be used in the same way motor oil can be utilized. The other byproduct, charcoal, can be sold to people that are looking for sources of charcoal so they can improve their business. It is a great business to get into, as long as you are able to access some of the top waste tyre oil plant produced by South African company that are focused on converting waste tyre into fuel and oil. Best of all, they will have all of the top features that can be found in other countries on these machines. This will include a very high capacity to produce these byproducts using a minimal amount of electricity.

What To Look For When Buying The Tyre Oil Plant Today

There are machines that can convert old tyres into oil. This oil can be used in two different ways. First of all, bio oil is used as a lubricant, and can also help with stretch marks. Biofuel is the other form of oil that can be used to power diesel engines. In most cases, people referred to the bio oil as the oil that is produced through the “pyrolysis process”. If you would like to get into this industry, it’s actually a very profitable one when you have an ample supply of tyres to use. Let’s look at the other byproducts that you will also get, and how you can find a company that will so you a waste tyre to oil plant today.

How Does The Machine Break Down The Tyre Into Oil?

It is able to break everything down to the process of heat. However, the heat that is applied is not allowed to have oxygen. This would lead to starting a fire, and therefore in the absence of oxygen in a closed chamber that is superheated, you can actually break down the molecular bonds of these different materials. When this occurs, you end up with a couple different products. The rubber is going to liquefy, leaving you with biofuel and bio oil. The steel that is in the tyres will also be removed, and the biochar that is created can always be sold as a way to heat homes where people use charcoal.

Can You Start This Type Of Business Economically?

You can start this business very easily and economically because of the low cost of getting in to this business. In the past when there were only a couple of companies that made commercial waste tire pyrolysis equipment, this was a very hard industry to break into. Today, there are quite a few companies that produce these machines. You will be able to find one of these companies and see what they have do offer. It may take you a few days to evaluate everything that you find, and also get quotes back from these businesses, but you will be able to purchase one in no time.

How Much Time Should You Put Into This Business?

This question can be answered in two different ways. First of all, there is the time that it takes to load the machine and process the tyres. Second, there is the time that you are going to put into marketing the products that you are creating, specifically the bio oil, biochar, and biofuel. Once you have written out a game plan, it will be easy to determine exactly what it is that you need to do next. As long as you have a good marketing plan, and you are producing these products on a continual basis, you will likely succeed with this type of pyrolysis tyre recycling plant.

What You Should Do Before Purchasing A Tyre Oil Plant

before you actually purchase a pyrolysis plant for used tyre, you need to consider a couple factors. Look at the reputation of the business either efficiently, or by looking at testimonials they have received online. Second, you should also consider where you are getting all of the base materials that must be processed. In this particular case you would be looking for tyres, and if you do not have a consistent supply of them, it might be a waste of your money. However, most people find a way to get the tyres rolling in so they can be processed and generate money.

If you decide to purchase a waste tyre pyrolysis oil plant, it will be very easy to do. Once you have figured everything out, you can start to make a lot of money. It’s a great way to help with the environment, and also make a good living. You can find out more about these tyre oil plants on the web.

Information About Waste Tires To Oil Technology

Disposal associated with solid wastes due to human activities has become an increasing environmental concern for modern day society, particularly on the developing countries. Scrap or waste tires happen to be the most common and more important of the solid wastes that are hazardous across the globe. Today the latest waste tires to oil technology (https://tyrepyrolysisplants.net/tires-to-oil-technology.html) also known as pyrolysis technology that is able to decrease the massive amount of these waste tires but also result in the production of profits for end products along with protection of the surrounding environments, such as waste tires to oil plants.

Waste Tires To Oil Plant

Waste Tires To Oil Technology

Pyrolysis in basic terms involves thermal decomposition of tires at extremely high temperatures that range between 300 to 900 degrees Celsius in oxygen-free atmospheres. Through the waste pyrolysis machine, the waste tires are recycled effectively into products such as steel wire, carbon black and tire oil. These are pyrolysis products which are applicable in a variety of fields.

An example of this is that tire oil is used widely as a type of fuel oil for industries such as boiler, iron and steel factories, chemical, power or ceramics industries. This tire oil is also useful for generators to gain electricity. The carbon black is also used to make construction bricks combined with clay. The steel wires are recycled to smelting plants.

The Waste Tires to Oil Recycling Process

The waste tires to oil technology process involve the following processes:

• Placing the waste tires inside a reactor and making the reactor rotate clockwise. The feeding inlet door needs to be sealed tightly to ensure there are no gas leakages.

•The reactor can be heated using wood, fuel gas, charcoal, coal etc. as the heating materials. As the reactor heats up slowly, at around 250 degrees, the oil gas starts to form.

• Oil gas that comes from the reactor then goes into a condensing system to arrive at the liquid oil. Gas which doesn’t liquefy under these pressures is designed to flow back into the combustion system via a safety device. This gas is then recycled in order to heat up the reactor in the form of a fuel, which saves energy in regards to the entire working process.

• Once the oil production is complete, the reactor’s temperature begins to cool down. Once the temperature reaches 40 degrees, the steel wire and carbon black is obtained.

Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant

Continuous Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant

Once this pyrolysis process is complete, the end products include steel wire, carbon black and tire pyrolysis oil. This fuel oil is used in the form of industrial-fuel materials for the purpose of burning or to further refine the product into diesel.

Benefits Of Converting Tire Waste Into Energy

One of the main advantages assocaited with waste tires to oil technology has to do with decreasing the waste tires that land up in the landfills. The other benefits are associated with the creation of cleaner fuels compared to the more traditional mining and oil wells and improving the surrounding environment. This provides a beneficial manner in which to take these waste materials and convert them into useful and cleaner products, compared to burying them in the landfills. This is massive benefit to the environment as well as the public.

If you want to learn more information about the waste tyre to oil pyrolysis technology, please check https://tyrepyrolysisplants.net/continuous-waste-tyre-pyrolysis-plant.html.

Benefits of Installing Modern Waste Tire/Plastic Pyrolysis Oil Distillation Plant

Waste pyrolysis machine plays a big role in reducing pollution of the environment. The process involves but not limited to recycling of tires under high temperatures in absence of oxygen. It is done using an oil distillation machine. It has various advantages such as: It is safe, durable, highly automatic, and cheap, reduces environmental pollution and guarantees success. However, not all companies have quality oil distillation machines you need to be extra careful when choosing where to buy your machine from .We ensure our company produces the best machines with desired qualities to give our customers the best output. These are some advantages of Beston waste oil distillation plant:

distillation plants

Distillation Plants


Safety is very crucial in the entire process. The modern machine is equipped with features that ensure the machine is working safely. This will avoid incidences in your firm where the staff will be injured. You will be assured of great efficiency after you install the modern machine. It has been manufactured to meet all safety standards. You will not have any problem with the law enforcers even if the local safety authority will assess the plant after the installation process. 


Most of the machines are either energy saving but not durable. The modern waste tire or plastic pyrolysis oil distillation plant is not only durable but also energy saving which reduces consumption of energy and maintenance cost as well. This will ensure you run your operation economically. You will end up saving a lot of money in the pyrolysis process after you decide to buy the plant. The manufacturers will install for you and ensure it is running well before they leave it on your hands so that you will run it.

Waste Pyrolysis Oil Distillation Plant

Waste Pyrolysis Oil Distillation Plant

Highly automatic

The machine has been made using the latest automation technology. This ensures you will have few technician running the waste oil recycling machine. You will end up saving a lot on your labor costs. The automatic systems have been tested and proved to be very efficient in when performing different operations. It will save time in handling large junks of waste tires or oil.

Guarantee of success

The quality of work which the plant handles is great. Most customers who have bought the plant have been are satisfied with the output of the machine. You will be assured of great value for your money after you decide to buy the plant. You will be offered all the instructions on how you will run different operations.


The cost of running the plant is very cheap. This will ensure you save your money in the process of carrying out the pyrolysis process. It consumes energy efficiently as well as saving on the labor costs. If you have been looking for a plant which will save you money, then you should think of buying the modern pyrolysis plant. 

Reduces environmental pollution

The plant has been manufactured to help you reduce pollution which can be brought about due to plastic or waste tire being disposed in uncontrolled condition. The plant will turn them into useful products which will save you money in the long run.

Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Plant Advantages

The methold of pyrolysis for recycling tyre is a technique which heats shredded of whole tires in a reactor vessel, that contains an oxygen free atmospere and a heat source. The waste tyre to oil plant can also disposal waste rubber, oil sludge, waste tires, plastic, as well as medical waste into useful energy fuel oil in normal pressure. It usually takes place in absence of oxygen at about 350-550 degree C and reaction time is about 15-45 minutes. But what are the main advantages of waste tyre pyrolysis oil plant?

waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Use top technology

Compared with the usual traditional technologies, pyrolysis doesn’t need to separate secondarily steel wire and rubber by using special craft. This way it can save energy, which eventually can reduce capital investment and bring economic values. Many manufacturers, in order to ensure that there is no gas leakge in the production process and improve pyrolyssis efficiency, they adopte micro-negative pressure, which can in fact remove any possibility of gas leakage.

Process of Production

The production process of new type waste tyre pyrolysis plant takes place in special rooms, with reduced or no oxygen, where the rubber is converted into liquid oil, after the process of being heated and a little combustible gas is recycled in order to be used as heating materials. There is 100% recycle of waste tyres, as no materila is lef at the end of the pyrolysis plant process. This can also reduce the discharge of waste gas and in addition it can improve a number of environmental and economic benefits. More specifically, the waste materials are bronken down ino smaller compounds and they are transformed into valuable end-products that can be used to generate heating, electricity, cooling, recyclable materials for resale and other bio-products, like biochar.

waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Renewable energy

Waste pyrolysis can help meet renewable energy targets, address concerns about global warming and generate renewable energy credits for trading or sale. The various systems that are used for pyrolysis are usually develops for a wide range of capacities as well as wastes, like recovering materials and energy from residue that are left from materials recycling. For example, electronic and electrical scrap, tire, packaging residues and mixed plastic waste.

Properly engineered

When it’s properly engineered, pyrolysis equipment can accept unsorted solid waste, dioxins, medical waste, contaminated soils and liquid materials, sucha as sluedge with high levels of water content. In addition, most of pyrolysis facilities require lower capital investment and have lower costs for operating.

Internation standards

The plants of pyrolysis work according to international standards. For instance they have a compact structure, with a steady and safe operation and the production design is effective and highly scientifically. Each system’s match is reasonable and proper, which has a number of positive implications in improving saving energy, working efficiency and protecting ecological environment.

Environmental friendly

Pyrolysis oil plant is a pollution free process, which makes an eco friendly environment. Moreover, no catalyst is used in pyrolysis oil plant during the execution of tyre pyrolysis machine process. Above all the execution of the pyrolysis plant technology can be done with lower investment cost, as well as high availability of raw materials, short recovery period and with a bright future. This is also why it’s the ideal choice of investing. You can visit this website: bestongroup.com to get the free quotation, and find more information about the plant.

How A Tire Pyrolysis Plant For Sale Can Make Your Landfill Profitable

Nearly everyone has seen large mountains of tires piled many hundreds of feet into the air, sometimes in rural settings and other times in the cities as well. It’s been estimated that in the US alone nearly 6 billion pounds of tires are produced each year and unfortunately, most of every tire goes to waste because only the outer edge ever touches the road. This is a huge environmental waste that turns into a real hazard if it catches fire and releases toxic fumes and dioxins. There is now a way to eliminate the entire problem using a process called pyrolysis to safely and cleanly recoup all of the original components involved. There are lots of tyre pyrolysis plants for sale that can safely recycle the problem tires.

Beston Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant For Sale

Beston Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant For Sale

Pyrolysis Is When The Tires Are Decomposed In The Absence Of Oxygen

When tires are burned they release toxic fumes that include dioxin, one of the strongest poisons known to man, plus large amounts of carbon dioxide as well. However, if they can be heated to a very high temperature without any oxygen present, then the dioxins are not created and the carbon dioxide stays chemically bound in the oil that the tires were made from

After the tires have completely decomposed into gases and a pile of black soot, the gases are run through a condenser that cools them down and most of them turn into oils. A good pyrolysis tire recycling system will separate the different oils by grade, light, medium, and heavy so they can each be sold to a different buyer.

Approximately 40% of the weight of each tire is made up of oil that is recoverable in the process, some of the pyrolysis plants then use that same oil to heat the reactors where the tires are melted down which can save considerably on the costs to run the plant.

The Black Soot Is Carbon Black

Carbon black has many uses in the automotive parts industry where it’s made into hoses, tires and other hard rubber parts. It’s also used in making the sheathing used on cables and wires, because it has excellent flexibility and resistance to electricity. Black plastic pipes, conveyor belts, fan belts, and doormats also get their strength and coloring from carbon black. It is usually made from oil, but the pyrolysis process can make it far cheaper and is very competitive in the open market.

The Gases That Are Made Are Very Compatible With Natural Gas

The typical gases that come from the process are of high grade and can be easily used in most natural gas applications or mixed with natural gas and sold to homes and businesses. It can also be used to generate electricity which is many times done right at the landfill and then sold straight into the grid.

Working Video Of Tires Pyrolysis Plant

If you’re looking for a waste tyre pyrolysis machine for sale there are many that can be purchased online by doing a quick internet search. It’s always best to read plenty of product reviews before buying anything online to make sure that what you’re buying is exactly what you need and has the quality that you expect. You can just visit this website kingtigergroup.com.