Top Features Of Waste Tyre To Fuel Oil Conversion Machines For Sale In South Africa

When you are able to convert waste tyre into burnable fuel, you are creating an industry for yourself. If you have access to massive quantities of water bottles, and other tyre items, you can make an endless supply of biofuel that people will purchase. There are machines that will allow you to convert a large quantity of tyre on a daily basis. If you are in South Africa, and you would like to find a local company that can sell one to you, there are many pyrolysis machine manufacturers that make them. Here are some of the top features of these machines and why you should consider getting into this industry.

Waste Tyre To Fuel Oil Conversion Machine

Waste Tyre To Fuel Oil Conversion Machine

How Do These Machines Convert Tyre Into Fuel And Oil?

These are machines that can convert tyre into fuel through the pyrolysis process. The tyre is cut up into smaller pieces, placed into a reactor, and it will be heated to a very high temperature. It will not combust because there will be no oxygen in the container as it is heating, causing the tyre to break down. Once this occurs, the byproducts will be oil, fuel, and charcoal. This is a business model that is becoming more popular because of advancements that have been made in this industry. There are many companies worldwide that make them, some of which are in South Africa.

tyre pyrolysis plants

Tyre pyrolysis plants

Where To Find South African Companies That Make Tyre Pyrolysis Plants

By searching for companies that make pyrolysis machines, you can start to compare prices. Each company will make different types, some of which will be small, whereas others will have entire pyrolysis plants. Some of these will be connected to some type of sorting system. You might be responsible for the municipal solid waste in your area. By separating all of the tyre so that it can be processed by these machines, you will have a continual supply of charcoal, fuel, and oil that you can use or sell.

Will You Find A Good Deal The South African Companies?

It is well-known that pyrolysis plants and machines are very inexpensive in countries like China. However, the companies that manufacture them in South Africa are not that far behind. In fact, they will have comparable pricing, and the machines that they are producing are likely just as efficient. Once you have set one up, and you begin to make these products, you will wonder why you had not done it before.

It will be very easy to market these products once you start making them regularly. The fuel can be used in diesel generators and engines, and the oil can be used in the same way motor oil can be utilized. The other byproduct, charcoal, can be sold to people that are looking for sources of charcoal so they can improve their business. It is a great business to get into, as long as you are able to access some of the top waste tyre oil plant produced by South African company that are focused on converting waste tyre into fuel and oil. Best of all, they will have all of the top features that can be found in other countries on these machines. This will include a very high capacity to produce these byproducts using a minimal amount of electricity.