The Dragon Roller Coaster And Wacky-Worm Roller Coaster Are Ideal For Family Fun

When it comes to family fun, few adventures measure up to the excitement of riding a roller coaster. The dragon roller coaster (аттракцион дракон) and wacky-worm roller coaster are both popular roller coasters that are geared toward families. You can find variations on these two different roller coaster themes at carnivals and amusement parks throughout the country.

As you might guess, the dragon roller coaster is designed to look like a dragon. The lead car usually features a fiberglass dragon head that has been painted bright, exciting colors. All of the cars that follow along behind the lead car look like segments of the dragon’s body. The last car in the series has a fiberglass tail attached to it that is painted to match the rest of the dragon.

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The dragon roller coaster

This creates the impression that the roller coaster is a giant dragon speeding over the tracks. Typically, the cars are designed to seat two passengers. Some of these roller coasters are geared toward small children while others are capable of carrying children and adults.

Wacky-worm roller coasters (Мини американские горки аттракцион гусеница) are also quite popular with families. These roller coasters are designed to look like a worm crawling over the tracks. The first car is designed with a large, smiling worm face that is made out of fiberglass. Typically, it is painted a bright green color. Again, each of the cars that follow makes up a segment of the worm’s body. The final car usually has a pointed end to make it look like the end of the worm’s tail.

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Dragon roller coaster

One reason why these roller coasters are so popular with families is because of their cute designs. Thanks to their bright colors and unique characters, they appeal to children of all ages. This page:

The roller coasters are also relatively mild compared to some of the more extreme rides that you can find at theme parks. This makes them appropriate for young children since they aren’t overly scary. Parents appreciate these roller coasters because they are safe and fun for their kids to ride.

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The number of passengers that each of these roller coasters is capable of carrying can vary. It depends how many cars there are in the body of the worm or the dragon. Typically, they can seat anywhere from 16 to 22 passengers, depending on their length.

Again, some of these roller coasters are designed for extremely young children while others can carry older children and adults, as well. With either option, they are still a lot of fun for the whole family. Even with the roller coasters that are only capable of carrying children, parents still have a great time watching their kids from the side as they laugh and enjoy themselves on the ride.

In terms of family fun, few rides at any carnival or theme park measure up to the dragon roller coaster or wacky-worm roller coaster. No matter how young or old they are, every member of a family can enjoy these fun rides, which is one of the reasons why they are such a popular choice for carnivals and amusement parks.